Tuka Paint designs and manufactures high quality coatings, always focused on market needs and product sustainability. The company began in 2005 and since then we have created our own know-how. The company has entered to Iran Stock Exchange on July 5th, 2016.

We are specialized in paints for Coil Coating application, as well as industrial coatings and expert production of epoxy polyester paints for the following sectors: containers, architecture, chemical and machinery protection, among many others.

We supply our products from our plant in Razi Industrial Zone (Isfahan, Iran) and they are distributed throughout Iran and so many other countries around it. We are leaders in the Iranian market in paint for Coil Coating application.

Our aim is to offer global solutions, providing made to measure products with rigorous quality controls and adapted to the specific needs of our clients, with which we work in a team-like fashion.


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