Tukapaint can rapidly adapt to changes in the market. For this purpose, our R&D department has technicians who, in collaboration with our clients and suppliers, are exclusively dedicated to developing new products.

Thanks to the company’s firm commitment to innovation, we are able to develop new colours and projects in a rapid and effective manner. In our installations we have a state of the art laboratory and staff that are in constant training to keep abreast of the latest developments in the sector.

We also work in close collaboration with Iranian university research departments to adapt to new technologies, uses and test methods, so as to be constantly up to date.

some of the projects studied are as below:

1.the colors low surface tension named
    . Self Cleaning
    . Anti Graphity
    . Easy Cleaning
2.the colors saving energyused in cool roof
3.colors used in home appliances.
4.different kinds of used in aluminum industry