Quality, Safety and respect for the Environment are of prime importance in Tuka paint, a commitment we extend to all our products, services, suppliers and clients.

Our aim is for all these factors to be acknowledged as distinctive in addition to strategic values, enabling us to guarantee our business consolidation and growth in an effective and responsible manner.

As an example of our commitment to management in both areas, Tuka paint has integrated the quality and sustainability systems through the Integrated ISO 9001, 14000, and OHSAS 18001 Management System. We have held certification of compliance with ISO 9001 standard and ISO 14000 standard certification both through the certification company QMC.

  • Commitments acquired by Tuka paint:

. To supply our clients with products and services that satisfy their needs and expectations.

. Maintain the Quality and Environment Management System operational as part of the work ethic, as well as to review it constantly to ensure its continuous adaptation, with the participation of all members of Tuka.

  • With regard to the environment, we highlight our responsibility for:

. Complying with current legislation and at the same time selecting the most ecological raw materials.

Minimizing the use of harmful and dangerous substances, and those not respectful with the environment in the composition of our products.

Minimizing the consumption of resources (Water, energy, etc.) and emissions to the atmosphere.

Optimizing the logistics of our operations to contribute to the management of transport expenses and thus minimize the pollution created by our operations.